A New Way to Store and Display Wine from Perlick

Over the last 100 years, Perlick has given us a full range of bar and beverage solutions to help operators maximize the potential of their beer, wine, and cocktail programs. From the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station to draught wine equipment, Perlick equipment is designed to help operators make money, and it's designed to last. One of the latest units from Perlick provides a new way to store and display wine.

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Wine On Tap: Stories Series from Free Flow Wines

“If product quality, minimizing waste and speed of service are important to you, wine on tap is the answer.”

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Tap Into One of the Newest Trends Behind the Bar

A quick look at the growing trend of keg wines and wines-by-the-glass. 

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Why You Should Consider a Wine on Tap Program

There's a better way to enjoy wine by the glass, both as a beverage program operator and as an end consumer. That process begins with combating the enemies of wine, but there's more to it than just controlling temperature, vibration, light, odor, and exposure to oxygen.

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The Enemies of Wine and How to Combat Them

From St. Louis to Omaha and everywhere in between, wine is regarded as one of the most popular and diverse beverages. It's literally a window to the different terroirs of the world, but whether it's a crisp white from the Loire region of France or a robust cabernet from California, wine needs to be stored and served properly in order to protect it.

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