Covid-19 Preparedness:               Life Reopening in a New Normal

With more states looking to reopen, we are still grappling with what our new world of food service will look like, post Covid-19. One thing we know for sure, is the health and safety of our staff and customers are top of mind, all while creating a unique and quality driven food service experience for everyone. No virus or tragedy of any scale can slow the human desire for a hospitable solution. 

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Curate TV Episode 1: The New Reality of Take Out

Curate TV EP 1: The New Reality of Take Out/ Take Away:

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2020 Trends by Market Segment

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3 Ways Alternative Materials Can Take Your Student Dining to the Next Level.

Student dining demand, like the majority of foodservice segments, is in a state of constant evolution. Trends within this young demographic come and go at a rate that makes it tough to keep up. From grab & go dining and mobile ordering to awesome product displays, this fast-paced population approves of anything quick, convenient and appealing. But that’s not always the easiest feat to accomplish when it comes to costs-savings.

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