How These Sustainability Trends Can Help Your Bottom Line

Our topic of the month — SUSTAINABILITY — is one that has gained tremendous support over recent years, and the leaders of our industry are continuing to make it a focal point of their product development. The “why” behind companies embedding this ideology into their company’s culture isn’t solely because they have the desire to do so — although many of them do. It’s because that’s the mindset of a majority of foodservice operators and consumers today.

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Introducing the MEIKO Flight Warewashing Machine with the Smallest Footprint


The M-iQ series warewashing machines from MEIKO are some of the most efficient dishwashers in the world. In addition to water consumption rates as low as 56 gallons per hour, they also dramatically reduce energy spent on heating water, the need for detergent, and rinse aid use.

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What to Look for in Chicago at NRA 2016

The 2016 National Restaurant Show in Chicago is quickly approaching, and if you're heading there from St. Louis, Kansas City, the Dakotas, or anywhere in between, here's a list of interesting things to look for as you walk the show floor:

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Warewashing 101: A Look at Commercial Dishwasher Innovation


Depending on the type of foodservice operation, warewashing and commercial dishwasher demands can be diverse. For a closer look at these considerations, let's review the two basic concepts in Warewashing 101:

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An Intro to Warewashing Solutions from MEIKO

An Intro to MEIKO Warewashing Solutions for the Upper Plains

Energy Efficient Undercounter Glassware, Door Type, Flight Conveyor, and Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

MEIKO meets the demand for high-quality, reliable warewashing and commercial dishwashing equipment. All models are environmentally friendly and come in a variety of categories, from undercounter units to large, flight-type rackless conveyors. MEIKO is one of the most respected names in the industry and is committed to energy efficiency.

Here is a breakdown of the available models in MEIKO's undercounter and door type lines of warewashers:

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MEIKO Food Pulpers

MEIKO Food Pulpers


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Increasing Efficiencies in My School Cafeteria Part One: Warewashers


Beating the Bell with Warewashers from MEIKO

Most school cafeterias serve lunch three or four times a day. When the bell rings ending one lunch period, another one begins with a whole new set of hungry students using the same set of utensils and trays. For a school lunchroom to operate efficiently, these items must be constantly replenished. Warewashing machines and dishwashers from MEIKO are the ideal solution.

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