Introducing an Ice Machine that Saves Space and Reduces Noise

Ice is an American institution. Just ask anyone who has ordered a soft drink in Europe. The commercial icemakers that do all the work, on the other hand, are a bit more controversial. They take up space, they make noise, and they're not aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE) from Follett, though, there's a simple solution.

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Ways to Increase Ice Safety in Restaurants and Foodservice Operations

Preventing ice contamination is an important part of safety and sanitation efforts in any foodservice operation.

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Three Reasons a Water and Ice Dispenser is Better than a Water Cooler

The water cooler is an essential part of any business. It's where ideas spread. It's where jokes are made. It's where we talk about the big game. It's where we get to know our colleagues. But what if the water cooler wasn't actually a water cooler?

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