CurateTV Ep 2: The Reopening of Bars


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Covid-19 Preparedness:               Life Reopening in a New Normal

With more states looking to reopen, we are still grappling with what our new world of food service will look like, post Covid-19. One thing we know for sure, is the health and safety of our staff and customers are top of mind, all while creating a unique and quality driven food service experience for everyone. No virus or tragedy of any scale can slow the human desire for a hospitable solution. 

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The Benefits of Blast Chilling That Go Beyond Just Serving Leftovers

Let's kick things off with a little word association exercise: when we say a word or phrase we want you to shout out the first thing that comes to mind. Ready?...Blast chilling. Now, we're sure about 95% of you said some form of the term "leftovers." We only know this because that is the most common correlation people think of when they think about blast chilling. And you're not wrong! This is a major benefit of utilizing blast chilling technology. But, that's just scratching the surface of what a commercial blast chiller can provide.

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Why Foodservice Equipment Matters in K-12 School Cafeterias

Creating a successful school nutrition program in a K-12 school cafeteria is one of the most challenging tasks in all of foodservice. Here at Apex, we work with a whole range of foodservice operations, so we're certainly in a position to know. We also know that school nutrition challenges are solvable. Where there's a challenge, there's also an opportunity.

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Ways to Increase Ice Safety in Restaurants and Foodservice Operations

Preventing ice contamination is an important part of safety and sanitation efforts in any foodservice operation.

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