5 Pieces of Ventless Equipment to Jump Start Your Kitchen!

It’s pretty crazy to think how far along ventless cooking technology has come in the last few years. And it’s amazing the quality and fresh food that can come out of a small space — even the smallest of spaces can pack a big punch of profitability. When you are looking to add a kitchen space to an area that has no ability to install vents or maybe has limited access to water and/or drains, you no longer have to sacrifice quality or menu diversity to get your kitchen up and running! You could execute our sample menu above in about 250-300 sq. ft. of kitchen space with equipment that requires no vents or water. Here's how:


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See Chef Adam in a Live Pro-Line Blender Demo

In case you missed it, here's the latest addition to the Apex Culinary Corner. This is the first of many features to come in our new LIVE demonstration series: Chef Adam Live! Watch how easily Chef Adam creates a smoked tomato soup using an Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold Smoker and a Pro-Line Blender from KitchenAid. Be sure to stay tuned for more!

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7 Benefits of Cook and Hold Oven Technology

Free up more production time by overnight cooking corned beef, lamb chops, braised beef short ribs, confit and even yogurt. Cook your food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising food quality. No fans. No added humidity. No hood needed. Only big flavor. Curious to know more? Here are the seven benefits of cook and hold oven technology.

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How Restaurants are Cooking Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day for bringing family together to share stories, reconnect, and spend quality time with each other arguing over politics and football. Families don’t necessarily agree on everything, but there is one thing millions of people can agree on: sometimes it’s better to leave the Thanksgiving cooking (and the dishes) to the professionals.

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What Is Halo Heat, and How Does It Affect Cook and Hold Capabilities?

Chefs who have tried to utilize a cook and hold process or have needed to hold foods in a heated holding cabinet have probably experienced disappointment when returning to find overcooked and dried out food. In fact, many chefs consider these to be necessary evils. But the reason for the dried out and overcooked food is not the notiion of cooking or holding, it's how that food is being held.

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Reintroducing the Original Cook and Hold Oven

The original Alto-Shaam cook and hold oven made its debut in Chicago at the 1970 National Restaurant Association show. As the original pioneer and innovator of low temperature cooking and holding technology, Alto-Shaam cook and hold ovens are still perfect additions to every kitchen for any application.

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