5 Pieces of Ventless Equipment to Jump Start Your Kitchen!

It’s pretty crazy to think how far along ventless cooking technology has come in the last few years. And it’s amazing the quality and fresh food that can come out of a small space — even the smallest of spaces can pack a big punch of profitability. When you are looking to add a kitchen space to an area that has no ability to install vents or maybe has limited access to water and/or drains, you no longer have to sacrifice quality or menu diversity to get your kitchen up and running! You could execute our sample menu above in about 250-300 sq. ft. of kitchen space with equipment that requires no vents or water. Here's how:


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A Case Study on Increasing ROI with Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is not an option. Regardless of the menu, every foodservice operation needs to store ingredients in proper conditions to ensure both safety and quality. At the same time, it can be one of the biggest energy spends, so let's take a look at a quick case study on increasing ROI with your commercial refrigeration.

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