Why The Right Beer Dispensing Equipment Can Increase Profits

The only thing worse than seeing wasted beer go down the drain is seeing wasted money. And when you're a bar owner in St. Louis or a beverage manager in Kansas City or anywhere in between, those two concepts can be the same.

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Not All Beers Are Created Equal. Why Serve Them That Way?

Beer lovers, like beers, come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer traditional, light American lagers while others would rather drink hop-bomb IPAs. Now more than ever, our collective palate for different beer styles and flavors is expanding and diversifying, and bar operators with the right equipment can take advantage of this growing trend. 

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Five Challenges to Serving Draft Beer in Midwest Restaurants


There's a lot more to draft beer than just tap lines and changing kegs. 

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NAFEM15: How Perlick Increases Beverage Program Efficiencies

For our team at Apex, NAFEM15 was one of the greatest shows in recent memory. The level of excitement and enthusiasm was off the charts. Of all the booths we visited, a few stand out for their innovative product offerings and their entertaining presentations. Perlick was one of those booths.
From items like the new wall-mount tower and the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station to the innovative ArcticPour technology, we were impressed by Perlick's dedication to everything bar and bartender. Efficiency and increasing beverage program profitability are the names of the game. But as great as it was to see their equipment in the booth, there's nothing like seeing where it's needed inside an actual foodservice operation.

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