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“If product quality, minimizing waste and speed of service are important to you, wine on tap is the answer.”

- Mike Klosterman | Perlick Manufacturer Rep & Regional Sales


* The following piece appeared in the Free Flow Wines Story Series.

Whether it’s providing dual-temperature zone units to reduce storage space from 104 bottles to four kegs or ensuring that each glass of wine is just as the winemaker intended, Apex recognizes the importance of wine on tap.

“It’s a great avenue for providing your customer with the best possible product, while maximizing yield, which leads to great profit potentials and a happy customer.”

Klosterman_Wine_on_Tap.pngMike Klosterman, a Perlick manufacturer rep, oversees commercial foodservice equipment sales for the western territory of Apex and all Apex marketing. He understands selecting bar equipment and how to optimize commercial wine & bar programs. “We educate people on how wine on tap can improve their wine programs. Whether you are a national chain account, white tablecloth restaurant, or local pizza spot, wine on tap is simply the best option for selling wine by the glass.”

With an ever expanding selection of wines in kegs nowadays, the variety allows for a number of price points and applications. “Wine on tap offers a number of benefits not only to operators, but to the customer as well. No one likes to drink red wine that’s been out on the counter all day or white wine that isn’t cold enough.”

“Wine on tap is a trend that’s here to stay. We see Apex continuing to advocate to wine on tap for a long time and are working hard to become a leader for commercial equipment firms.”

Learn more about wine on tap in our new Apex series, 8 Minutes with an Industry Expert.

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