What to Look for in a Pizza Prep Table

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Consider these statistics: 17% of all U.S restaurants are pizza restaurants, accounting for an annual industry totaling more than $40 billion. On a monthly basis, 93% of all Americans eat at least one pizza, meaning pizza operators are faced with challenges from this vast market.

From limited space in the kitchen to a changing palette for more exotic toppings and combinations, it's more important than ever for foodservice operators to adapt quickly in order to attract and retain those highly selective and knowledgeable customers. After all, this demographic will provide the opportunities to grow the business.

On both a macro and micro level, preparation leads to a greater chance for profit. Operators need to streamline the throughput of a kitchen to maximize efficiency. They need to scale expensive ingredients that make up those premium pies and make them as easy to apply as possible. And they need to store those ingredients at ideal conditions.

And this leads us to prep tables...

What to Look for in a Pizza Prep Table:

To start, an operator needs to account for the space in the kitchen. What type of unit will work, and what is it trying to accomplish? Is a standard pizza prep table ideal, or will a custom pizza prep table be needed to fit a given space or accommodate a specific menu? These are questions that will need to be answered so long as the following needs are met:

Temperature Control
• Look for a prep table with reliable, worry-free performance to ensure the highest levels of food safety and quality. Consider cooling methods that will create a blanket of cold air above prep table pans.

Ease of Operational Use
• During peak operation, ergonomic bin design should put ingredients within arm's length of operators meeting high demands. Simple cleaning and sanitizing will make life easier for operators. Likewise, easy and accessible maintenance is a must-have. If morning startup and evening breakdown procedures are difficult and burdensome, chances are the prep table won’t be cleaned properly costing you more money in the long run.

Flexibility & Capacity
• Pizza preparation tables and pizza prep table manufacturers should be able to create customer-specific customization that fits just about any menu. Built-in capacity for peak hours and custom orders are also important challenges that can be met with the right pizza prep table.

Customization for Your Unique Footprint
• Adaptable designs, including solutions for large or small operational footprints are essential qualities of both standard pizza prep tables and custom pizza prep tables.

Specialized Solutions for Expanding Menus
• Multiple configurations to suit changing menu lineups can be important. As we mentioned, the collective American pizza palette is at the very least experienced, if not refined. Equipment and preparation should reflect this data.

Providing key benefits for today’s pizza chains and independent operators alike.

Randell prep table solutions are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the country. As industry leaders, creating performance-driven spaces is the result of years of Randell experience. Learn more about prep tables for pizzerias and other applications in the Randell Prep Table Solutions Comparison Guide.

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