What Makes Randell Your Go-To Refrigerated Prep Table Solution?


The ever-changing trends and demands of consumers always creates an extremely difficult challenge for kitchen operators to continually be able to meet the expectation of their diners. If one thing is for certain, you must be equipped with the proper tools that will allow you to be light on your feet and enable you to keep up with your consumers’ demands. After all, your kitchen should be as clever and creative as your culinary mind.

No matter what your operation is, a farm-to-table restaurant in Des Moines, IA that focuses on fresh, healthy and unique dishes or a local quick-serve chain in Minnesota that creates custom bowls with endless options, one of the major players in your kitchen that has a huge role in your kitchen's flexibility is your prep table. It’s the command center for all of the action. And in order for your kitchen to be flexible and easily adapt with your trend-driven menu evolution your prep table is the vehicle in which that is made possible.

And when it comes to refrigerated prep tables, no one does it like the brainiacs at Randell. These folks have been at the top of the prep table game for over 35 years and show no signs in slowing down. Let’s take a look at why their focus on improving prep table solutions has made them the industry-leaders that they are…



easy-cleaningAs we all know, space is a luxury in the kitchen, so maximizing every square inch can help you take advantage of what space you have. Although Randell is recognized for their leading-edge standard prep table sizes, the real advantage they bring to the table (no pun intended) is their modular and custom solutions. These customizations are tailored to deliver the high-performance capabilities and features of these prep tables by creating what is specifically needed for operators to keep up with their customer demands. We dare you to give them a space they can’t handle. Seriously…we’ve been trying for years.



Ah, the craziness that is the foodservice industry. It’s something we all love and adore because it keeps us on our toes day in and day out. Being able to bottle up that craziness and be in control is something that is sought after in every operation. Having the ability to continually transform your menu in response to the constantly evolving industry and trends as seamlessly as possible would make every chef’s life a whole lot easier.

Balanced-air-distributionWhether you’re getting ready to introduce a new dish and want to swap out ingredients or you want to boost optimization after noticing there are some not so intuitive steps in the workflow, Randell prep table allow for these adaptations with ease. Any time or effort saved in your processes is helping your bottom line. And there’s a reason why Randell prep table solutions are being specified by several of the most rapidly growing fast casual chains in the country.


Wrapped-cold-wall-systemSpeaking of bottom line, refrigerated solutions that can withstand the day-to-day beating and harsh environments of high-volume operations are not easy to come by. Wasting product due to lack of quality and safety can substantially hurt profits. Extending the shelf life of your food is an easy fix to cutting costs. This is where Randell prep tables step up to the challenge where other prep table just can’t take the heat. Not only are they built to function as intuitively and efficiently as possible from a workflow standpoint, but they do so while maintaining the high standards of freshness from a safety and quality perspective by making your food look good and taste good longer. There’s no other performance and reliability like that of Randell prep tables.

Your kitchen is the vehicle for your creativity to become a reality. And like you, your kitchen should have the ability to evolve and adapt with the changing times. Don’t let your equipment stop you from keeping up with customer demands and consistently delivering quality food time and time again!


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