The Beginner's Guide to Functional Bar Design


I think we can all agree that preparation is key. When it comes to foodservice, the entire staff does their part in preparation for whatever the day has in store. And everyone has the same goal in mind: to make sure everything runs like clockwork during those peak hours of business. But, that preparation doesn’t just start with the people working hard to make sure things run accordingly. It starts with giving those people who are working hard to make sure things run accordingly the proper blueprint to do so. This month, we're going to be talking bar design and what it takes to create a functional, and profitable, bar.

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How to take your beverage program to the next level & start raking in profits.

Whether we’re talking about trendy craft cocktails at the hippest downtown bar, your local coffee shop pouring nitro-infused cold brew on tap, or blending up the freshest health smoothies and juices - it’s no secret that beverages are the real moneymakers in your operation. And don’t think that the profits are only seen in alcoholic beverages. David Henkes, senior principal at Technomic, revealed in a recently published article by the company that non-alcoholic beverages “…account for $1 out of every $5 consumers spend away from home.” The proof is in the pudding (or the glass in this case). But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any thought into your beverage offerings with the mindset that people will buy them no matter what.

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A Bar Ambassador in Chicago Turned Bar & Beverage Specialist.

As with any industry in existence, times change and the need to evolve becomes inevitable. We have seen and experienced so much evolution in the foodservice and commercial kitchen equipment industry recently; whether it be the equipment and technology itself or how users are utilizing and interacting with their equipment, here at Apex, we take a deep appreciation of the consumer experience by paying attention to what is being talked about, not only in the industry as a whole, but out in the field. The biggest advantage sales reps have in helping to provide the right solutions for our customers is being out in the field and asking questions.

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Journey of Pizza | Pt. 2: From the Kitchen to the Bar


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A New Way to Store and Display Wine from Perlick

Over the last 100 years, Perlick has given us a full range of bar and beverage solutions to help operators maximize the potential of their beer, wine, and cocktail programs. From the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station to draught wine equipment, Perlick equipment is designed to help operators make money, and it's designed to last. One of the latest units from Perlick provides a new way to store and display wine.

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Perlick Underbar Equipment Wins Best-in-Class Award for 13th Consecutive Year

Apex is committed to bringing our clients the best in food and beverage equipment. It's no surprise, then, that Perlick underbar equipment was recently awarded the Best-in-Class Award from Foodservice Equipment and Supply Magazine for the 13th year in a row.

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Why The Right Beer Dispensing Equipment Can Increase Profits

The only thing worse than seeing wasted beer go down the drain is seeing wasted money. And when you're a bar owner in St. Louis or a beverage manager in Kansas City or anywhere in between, those two concepts can be the same.

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Why Vermouth Can Make or Break Your Manhattan

The Manhattan is one America's iconic cocktails. There are a wide range of stories and myths to where and how the cocktail first became famous, but no matter what your origin of choice, there's no mistaking the Manhattan as one of bar-goers' favorite drinks of choice.

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Tap Into One of the Newest Trends Behind the Bar

A quick look at the growing trend of keg wines and wines-by-the-glass. 

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Not All Beers Are Created Equal. Why Serve Them That Way?

Beer lovers, like beers, come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer traditional, light American lagers while others would rather drink hop-bomb IPAs. Now more than ever, our collective palate for different beer styles and flavors is expanding and diversifying, and bar operators with the right equipment can take advantage of this growing trend. 

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