Three Reasons a Water and Ice Dispenser is Better than a Water Cooler


The water cooler is an essential part of any business. It's where ideas spread. It's where jokes are made. It's where we talk about the big game. It's where we get to know our colleagues. But what if the water cooler wasn't actually a water cooler?

In today's modern office settings, you don't need the clunky jugs of water stacking up in the break room. All you need is a 21st century solution for delivering ice and water to the people who need it. Here are five reasons why an ice and water dispenser is better than a water cooler:


 A water and ice dispenser can reduce cross contamination caused by hand scooping ice. In addition, the right dispenser should have antimicrobial protection to help prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi.


Dispensers can include ice or ice and water. They can also be configured to hold varying weights of ice. With the right unit, offices can place them on countertops, as freestanding models, or they can even be hung on the wall for easy accessibility by employees and for saving space.


Some of the newer ice and water dispensing machines are designed specifically to save both electricity and water. Look for ENERGY STAR® ratings for the highest efficiency. Also, a water-dispensing unit eliminates the need to order and store water barrels that use up time and space.

Learn more about ice and water dispensing in the workplace. Download the Follett Guide to Office Ice and Water Dispensers.

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