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By now, you may have heard of speed oven technology and its mind-blowing efficiencies — like exponentially faster cook times compared to traditional methods, or footprints so small you’ll be struggling to find fillers for all the extra space in your kitchen. But, what exactly is it?...

Well, when talking speed oven technology, it would be an injustice to not mention the company that started it all. Amana® Commercial has been at the forefront of microwave energy since the accidental discovery of its cooking capabilities back in 1945 during World War II.

What does microwave energy have to do with speed ovens?

Glad you asked. At the heart of most speed ovens out there is a varying degree of microwave technology combined with a convective cooking technology. The precise element that produces radio waves is called a magnetron. As the waves reach your food they excite the water molecules within, causing them to vibrate and produce heat. The result? Your food starts cooking!

Back to the history lesson…

Dr. Percy Spencer, a physicist working for the Raytheon Corporation, a company that later absorbed Amana® Commercial, was developing a radar system in which microwave energy (radio waves) played a key role. One day, while conducting experiments with a new magnetron — the element that produces radio frequencies — he noticed a candy bar in his pocket had melted.

After continuing to research and experiment with this phenomenon, it led to the development of Amana® Commercial’s first commercial microwave oven standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 750 pounds. The rest is history.

Here's where Amana® Commercial shines!

Fast forward to today, Amana® Commercial now has a long list of superior high-performance accelerated cooking products. Whether you’re in need of a quick heating solution to keep on your cook line or an answer to your high-volume prayers with the same quality as convection ovens, Amana® Commercial covers the entire spectrum of speed ovens.

Why make the move for a speed oven?

As we continue to unfold this monthly topic we’ll be dropping some knowledge bombs as to where Amana® Commercial speed ovens flourish and which speed oven is the right one for your operation. For now, we’ll touch on some of the key advantages of this accelerated cooking equipment:

  • Flavor retention — the breakdown of vitamins and nutrients from being exposed to heat for an extended period of time is real. With microwave technology you don’t see nearly as much loss in those nutrient-rich foods. Your best bet in holding the most flavor is short cook times.
  • Uniform cooking — contrary to popular belief, eliminating hot spots via a turntable is not a perfect solution. In fact, it really doesn’t do much but move the hot spots and decrease your capacity, ultimately costing you money. The superior performance and even cooking of Amana® Commercial is evidenced by their side-by-side thermographic comparison.Amana-and-Menumaster_Thermographic-Test_updated2
  • Energy consumption — not only do these speed ovens use 80% less energy than traditional conventional ovens, but they also give off much less external heat into the environment saving you on cooling costs.

With numerous factors, such as real estate and construction costs continually on the rise, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to design a fully-functioning kitchen without breaking the bank. The beauty of the speed oven solutions from Amana® Commercial is the power, flexibility and vast capability all packed into one small footprint.

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