See Chef Adam in a Live Pro-Line Blender Demo

In case you missed it, here's the latest addition to the Apex Culinary Corner. This is the first of many features to come in our new LIVE demonstration series: Chef Adam Live! Watch how easily Chef Adam creates a smoked tomato soup using an Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold Smoker and a Pro-Line Blender from KitchenAid. Be sure to stay tuned for more!



To maximize the potential of your commercial foodservice equipment, savvy foodservice operators will figure out new and inventive ways to use the equipment they already have. Diversifying your menu doesn't always mean purchasing new equipment. In fact, we would argue the first step should be working with experts to fully utlize the foodservice equipment you already have.

The Apex Culinary Team is here to help you realize your potential using equipment that is both versatile and effective. We've created a new video series that highlights some of our equipment, features new ways to use that equipment, and we've asked our own Chef Adam to help.

[Send us your video series suggestions, and we'll get them into production.]

 Smoked Tomato Soup - A New Way to Use Your Commercial Stand Mixer.jpg


See blenders and stand mixers in action.

Spend three minutes discovering the Power of Passion, and see how top-of-the-line ingredients are used with first class foodservice equipment at the Salt of the Earth Rustic American Eatery & Bakery. We're sure you'll be inspired.


KitchenAid Power of Passion Video CTA


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