Quick Tips for Immersion Blenders and Stand Mixers


Immersion blenders and stand mixers can be an essential part of any restaurant, foodservice operation, or bakery. But which size units are right for which applications, and what are some tips for using immersion blenders and stand mixers?


Immersion blenders are great for creating soups, purées, sauces, smoothies and drinks, and even mashed potatoes. Because they are relatively small and can be easily stored, they are an important and versatile kitchen equipment necessity.

With immersion blenders, there's really a size and model for every job. For example, a KitchenAid Commercial 8" Immersion Blender is a favorite for sauces and emulsions such as pesto or house-made mayonnaise, while a 10" unit is a better choice for creating specialty drinks like smoothies. For even more power, consider a 12" immersion blender to whip up creamy soups in just minutes.

KitchenAid Commercial Immersion Blenders can also be used in a few unexpected applications, as well. Use one to mix separated peanut butter, smooth out lumpy gravy, soften cream cheese, or even chop nuts and herbs.


Stand mixers are ideal for applications that require a bit more power. Look for a stand mixer that doesn't build heat as it operates, as heat can adversely affect the qualities of your ingredients. Stand mixers can be used for mixing cake and pastry batters , kneading dough for breads, or for stirring savory potatoes and ground beef.

An important aspect of any stand mixer is the attachment you decide to use. Flat beaters are great for batters and frostings, while an elliptical whisk is great for eggs, creams, and aerated mixtures like sponge cake. Consider a dough hook for dough used in breads, rolls, and buns.

See immersion blenders and stand mixers in action.

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