Introducing an Ice Machine that Saves Space and Reduces Noise

Introducing an Ice Machine that Saves Space and Reduces Noise.jpg

Ice is an American institution. Just ask anyone who has ordered a soft drink in Europe. The commercial icemakers that do all the work, on the other hand, are a bit more controversial. They take up space, they make noise, and they're not aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE) from Follett, though, there's a simple solution.

Save space and reduce noise. Give your ice production a Follett RIDE.


follett1What is Follett RIDE?

RIDE equipment allows establishments to hide the ice. Properly designed and installed, it allows ice production to be separate from ice dispensing by up to 75 feet. Ice is moved through a transport tube that is out of site from customers and doesn't create noise.

Loud ice production can now be placed far from customers, too. This gives service agents easy access for cleaning and maintenance without interfering with normal front-end operations. You can also run the ice transport tube to either an ice bin, or with the Follett Ice Manager, to both a bin and a dispenser at the same time. This allows for greater enjoyment of the proprietary Follett Chewblet ice.


What is Chewblet® Ice?

Customer's love ice, but not just any kind of ice. The unique Chewblet ice nuggets from Follett are compressed, uniformly shaped, higher in quality, and are more reliably dispensed. But don't take our word for it…

The Ice that Can Drive Profits

Recent surveys found that:

* 70% of customers prefer Chewblet ice
* 55% of customers will buy more fountain drinks with Chewblet ice
* 50% of customers like to chew ice
* A large percentage will go out of their way to get Chewblet ice
* More fountain sales at 50% margins will increase profits

Learn more about driving profits with ice.

Guide to a Better Ice Program

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