Increasing School Cafeteria Efficiencies with Pumps and Dispensers


With the new school year just around the corner, there are a few small changes that school nutrition professionals can make to help increase efficiency on serving times, reduce product waste, and increase fun and participation levels for students.

Pumps and dispensers provide the ability to serve a variety of foods and condiments safely, directly, precisely, and easily - without the need for extensive clean up. But what are the real benefits of pumps and dispensers in a school cafeteria? Let's take a quick look:


Serving hundreds if not thousands of students in the shortened lunch periods allotted by today's school schedules is a challenge. In order to eat as healthy as possible, students really need as much time as possible. With quick and efficient pumps and dispensers, it's possible to decrease the order and prep time required to deliver a school lunch. In fact, you can even have students provide foods and condiments for themselves.


Giving students the ability to personalize their dining experience with the types and amounts of condiments they choose is a great way to inject some fun into the school lunch experience. Inevitably, the more choices a student has, the more fun they have. And the more a student enjoys dining in your school's cafeteria, the more the student will participate in the lunch program.


When you use pumps and dispensers that are carefully calibrated to deliver just the right amount of condiment or food product, you reduce the potential for wasted product. At the end of the day, any type of product that is thrown away on a lunch tray is money essentially going down the drain or trash bin. It's important to provide just the right amount of food or condiment and not an ounce more.

Learn more about some of the pump and dispensing options available from Server Products, the premier manufacturer of food dispensing solutions. Watch this short introductory video to learn more.

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