How These Sustainability Trends Can Help Your Bottom Line


Our topic of the month — SUSTAINABILITY — is one that has gained tremendous support over recent years, and the leaders of our industry are continuing to make it a focal point of their product development. The “why” behind companies embedding this ideology into their company’s culture isn’t solely because they have the desire to do so — although many of them do. It’s because that’s the mindset of a majority of foodservice operators and consumers today.

Eco-conscious consumers are supporting brands that mesh with their environmental beliefs in contributing to their social responsibilities. Operators have taken notice, and they want the tools that can help them reach a new, broader customer base — especially if it can help their bottom line in the process.

To help point you in the right direction towards sustainability and cost savings, we’ve put together a few strategies that may be flying under the foodservice radar…


G.E.T. Eco-Takeout

As the bans against single-use disposable containers continue to spread across the country, the stronger the need of eco-friendly products has become. These are the ultimate tools in helping expand your brand’s reach to a larger customer base that includes eco-conscious consumers, while also differentiating your brand from the rest of the crowd.


Our friends at G.E.T. are all over this product category with their reusable Eco-Takeout line. They’ve recognized how significant sustainability is in the marketplace today. Not only is this a great strategy in reducing waste, but it gives you the opportunity to drastically cut down on costs by taking advantage of repeat business. This is a no-brainer for college dining halls, healthcare facilities, or even country clubs to reap the benefits of a quick ROI. The G.E.T. Eco-Takeout product line goes one step further in offering logo customization to help your brand stand out even more!


This is a major problem in foodservice operations of any kind, and it can have a significant effect on your profits. Listen, we get it — this industry is a tricky one when it comes to forecasting volume. It can be a roller coaster ride: customer traffic can vary day in and day out, trends come and go, and consistency is tough to master. Here are some solutions to help protect against the unknowns.


Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold


You put a lot of time and creative energy into devising a killer menu and dishing up amazing food for your customers. And as you very well know the overhead of a foodservice operation isn't cheap. So why let a big chunk of your product go to waste in the cooking process?

Traditional cooking methods for large cutoff meat use direct heat sources that lead to product shrinkage, in turn reducing your yields tremendously. However, the high-tech industry leaders at Alto-Shaam have been offering a solution to this problem for decades, starting with their flagship product: the Cook & Hold oven.

Gentle, precise heat is the name of the game with the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven. The oven's cabinet is wrapped in their proprietary Halo Heat® technology that delivers a softer radiant heat. You can exploit its overnight cooking capabilities with large proteins to free up your time and cook your food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising a smidge of quality, saving you labor and money without sacrificing superiority.


Blast Chilling

Many people associate blast chilling with being able to chill and reuse leftovers. As fantastic of a benefit as this is, we believe it’s just scratching the surface on what blast chilling can do for your operation. For example, utilizing the cook-chill process, you can prepare and cook your food in advance, quickly chill it down to a safe temperature to store safely, increasing its shelf life for up to 5 days. All you have to do is pull the desired amount of product when ordered, re-thermalize it the appropriate temperature and serve. Not only will you not have to throw away tons of unused food at the end of each day, but you also cut down ticket times exponentially! It’s win-win, and a must-have in your kitchen.

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Randell Refrigerated Prep Tables

We’re firm believers in the power of a refrigerated prep table. But a great prep table is tough to come by. We’re not saying there aren’t some good prep tables out there, but finding one that can handle the day-to-day beating of high-volume foodservice, has the flexibility to evolve with your kitchen, and is built for superior performance are few and far between. That’s where Randell prep tables saw a gap in the market and has since dominated.

See, Randell prep tables are the gold standard of prep tables in today’s industry. Amongst having the versatility to transform and take on the constant development of the newest food trends, their focus on extending the shelf life of your product and helping to eliminate food waste is what we love most about this piece of equipment. Quality, safety and consistency are what Randell prides themselves on. If your product lacks in those characteristic, then that leads to wasted product. And wasted product then leads to profit loss. And profit loss is not in Randell’s vocabulary.


Extending the shelf life of food is the perfect fix to eliminating waste and cutting costs. Randell prep tables number one concern is maintaining the highest standards of freshness from a safety and quality perspective by making your food look good and taste good longer, all the while functioning as intuitively and efficiently as possible. It doesn’t get better than that.


According to Toast Restaurant Success in the 2018 Report, 41% of restaurant operators named high operating and food costs as their top challenge. And although it may not be at the top of your idea list for ways to save money, the efficiencies MEIKO dishwashers provide will blow your mind.


These are the most innovative, high-tech dish and ware washing machines on the market packing a powerful punch to get your items spotless, but also remaining extremely eco-friendly. They are water's biggest fans!

And that's not all. MEIKO has studied the industry and they know the market inside and out. That's why their equipment is extremely user-friendly and completely reliable. They understand that the back of house can face less skilled or non native-speaking employees, which can make communication tough and user errors unavoidable. So they designed their dishwashers very intuitive with everyone in mind!

Sustainability is at the top of mind for all of the industry leaders. Innovating products that are both efficient and eco-conscious has quickly become the overarching goal in the commercial kitchen industry.

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