How School Cafeterias and College Foodservice Programs Can Benefit from New Sheet Pans


Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference in a K-12 school nutrition program or a college or university foodservice operation. As it turns out, one of these 'little things' can be your choice in sheet pans.

Perforated sheet pans from Focus are popular in schools and universities because they don't require parchment paper. They are perforated on all sides, which reduces both cooking and clean up times. And when you're serving hundreds if not thousands of students each day, your time is important.

"The glazed, perforated sheet pan from Focus provides an operation the opportunity to cook the items they are looking to keep crispy or textured," said Apex Corporate Chef, Adam Klosterman. "The fully perforated pan administers a perfect environment for allowing steam or precipitation to escape from the bottom of the product that usually comes in contact with a solid pan, and causes product to get soggy. With the glaze applied to the pan, the product will never stick, making clean up easy, and parchment paper unnecessary."

School nutrition programs and college and university foodservice operations have found the perforated sheet pans from Focus to be ideal for many products, including but not limited to:


French Fries

Chicken Tenders

And More

The best way to learn about how a set of perforated sheet pans can help reduce headaches in your foodservice operation is to try them out in your own school or university cafeteria.

Try a perforated sheet pan today.

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