Four Things to Consider When Purchasing a Foodservice Prep Table


Prep tables should be designed to adapt to the workflow of any commercial kitchen to encourage throughput, efficiency, and to encourage staff to work together. Whether it's a pizza prep table or sandwich preparation you're looking to achieve, productivity and the cleanup that follows should be more efficient with the right prep table.

Pizza, sushi, salads, sandwiches, chicken, and even ethnic foods like Mexican and Mediterranean are all supported in the fast casual market segment when selecting a prep table. But what are the benefits a foodservice prep table can really provide? Here are four things to consider when purchasing a foodservice prep table:


A prep table should be easy to clean. When made with the right materials and using the right design, a prep table will not only increase efficiencies of creating food, but will also increase efficiency when the station is cleaned.


Many prep tables and foodservice preparation tables require refrigerated drawers in order to safely store ingredients. In pizzerias, for example, the kitchen can get very hot, and when prep tables are located next to pizza ovens, the quality of the ingredients can be compromised. A good prep table should have great temperature control.


Does your prep table actually work? When you remove a pan or drawer to restock it, do all the other pans fall into the prep table abyss? It might sound remedial, but make sure your prep table functions and has the quality and durability you need it to have.


Whether you're looking for a standard design or a custom model to fit exactly in the space you need it to fit, your prep table manufacturer should have the ability to deliver the exact design you need to increase efficiencies and productivity in your commercial kitchen.

The Prep Table Manufacturer with the Ability to Deliver

Randell prep table solutions are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the country. As industry leaders, creating performance-driven spaces is the result of years of Randell experience. Learn more about prep tables for pizzerias and other applications in the Randell Prep Table Solutions Comparison Guide.

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