5 Pieces of Ventless Equipment to Jump Start Your Kitchen!

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It’s pretty crazy to think how far along ventless cooking technology has come in the last few years. And it’s amazing the quality and fresh food that can come out of a small space — even the smallest of spaces can pack a big punch of profitability. When you are looking to add a kitchen space to an area that has no ability to install vents or maybe has limited access to water and/or drains, you no longer have to sacrifice quality or menu diversity to get your kitchen up and running! You could execute our sample menu above in about 250-300 sq. ft. of kitchen space with equipment that requires no vents or water. Here's how:



Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold


The Cook & Hold offers a variety of cooking methods. However, you could use this piece in two ways:

  • Cooking protein (i.e. roast beef) all day long, losing no quality or yield as we hold and turn them into your high quality beef paninis.
  • Perform an overnight cook on some short ribs to turn into an amazing flatbread for your menu!

Alto-Shaam Vector™ Multi-Cook Oven

Vector H Series_group composite

The Alto-Shaam Vector™ is the perfect fit if you wanted to take your menu to the next level. With the ability to cook just about any product, this oven could serve as your prep oven to knock out the chicken for your salads, your roasted veggies, grains, etc. With quick fire-type cook times, this oven could help support the speed oven during service to help bring orders together and keep things fresh. It is a 21’’ footprint with a lot of fire power. Take your pick of 2,3, or 4 cavities that can cook at simultaneously at different times and different temps with no flavor exchange. Stack these units up to 7 cavities high to yield even more production.

Amana Speed Oven


Speed oven manufactures have done a great job of selling the importance of speed. What they they have not done, is sell how fast food does not have to be low quality. You could use the oven to cook up your panini sandwich in just 30 seconds and an out-of-this-world flatbread in just 50 seconds! This is just the start for what a speed oven can do. The sky is the limit!

Amana Waterless Microwave Steamer


Getting water into a ventless kitchen can be one of the biggest challenges operators face. Utilizing the Amana Waterless Microwave Steamer allows you to steam off batches of vegetables in less than 30 seconds or soups in minutes. This unit can hold two 4’’, full-size hotel pans which would be more for any cafe to full size operation. Use this beauty for prep, to heat soups and sauce, and much more!

Randell FX Equipment Stand

r-randell-chef-stand-feature With the ability to switch between refrigeration and freezer function at the click of a button, the FX provides the utmost flexibility for your tiny footprint. Whether you're executing your daily service or prepping for a catering event, your FX unit will be ready to tackle any challenge you toss its way.

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