4 Reasons to Use Continuous Motion Washing in Your Kitchen

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Washing dishes. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. In high volume foodservice operations like schools, business and industry, or hospital cafeterias, warewashing can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully for these commercial kitchens, that job has never been easier.

With Power Soak’s track record of warewashing innovation, it’s no surprise that the leader in continuous motion warewashing is making lives easier in the kitchen. But in order to understand the benefits of this style of warewashing, we first need to define it.

What is Continuous Motion Warewashing?

Continuous motion warewashing fully submerges dishes, letting them rotate freely in the tank while being washed on a fixed cycle. Watch the video below as Unified Brand's Continuous Motion expert, Bob McNamara, takes us through Power Soak’s process at this year's NRA Show in Chicago.


Now let’s take a look at how operators and kitchen staff alike are benefitting from this superior wash action.


Unloading wares has never been easier. With items floating to the top of the tank, kitchen operators are bending over and reaching into the water less, creating a more comfortable environment for them to remain productive.


Despite the constant motion of the water and jets, both the Power Soak equipment and the continuous motion warewashing remains quiet and unobtrusive to the rest of the kitchen. The Power Soak’s state-of-the-art LED light messaging provides silent reminders to the operators about its stage in the washing process.


There’s no need to wash certain items separately. Metal or plastic, heavy or bulky, operators can wash it all in the Power Soak. 


Using heat, detergent, and moving water, the parallel wash flow from Power Soak maximizes the cleaning efficiency in commercial kitchens. Items are clean twice as fast as traditional methods, doubling the throughput and saving operators time and money. And with minimal scrubbing needed, staff can be better utilized elsewhere in the kitchen.

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