3 Ways Ventless Kitchens Bring You Profits.


As commercial leasing costs continues to be on the rise, what is one thing a foodservice operators can turn to in order to cut costs without risking their vision? One word: ventless. Ventless kitchen solutions are gaining attention amongst manufacturers in the commercial kitchen equipment industry and here’s a list of reasons why:


In the landscape of our industry, foodservice operators are faced with the fact that, odds are, they’re working for their kitchen and not the other way around. Many times you’re working in an existing space that was not designed for you, or designed for foodservice at all, for that matter.

That being said, foodservice operators have spoken and manufacturers have listened. They’re realizing how much value ventless equipment brings to a kitchen. Whether you’re a 5-star restaurant or a local cafe, you need your operation to have the flexibility to seamlessly shift between not only seasonal menus, but breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

In the same breathe, ventless equipment gives you the opportunity to bring foodservice to a space in your operation that might not have existed before. The footprint, versatility and capabilities alone add an incredible amount of value in so many ways.



Not only does hood installation cost you an arm and a leg, but it chains your equipment down to a single, linear footprint. One of the incredible advantages ventless options present is the ability of locating various cooking and services points in your space. Having no requirement of being placed under a hood gives you the freedom to discover where the most efficient and ideal placement for your equipment is to save space in your kitchen!

Some commercial spaces may not even have the possibility of installing hood and ductwork into the space. What then? Ventless alleviates that problem. Many people don’t realize the endless opportunities ventless kitchen equipment presents.

Menu Expansion

From blistering jalapeños and top-tier Panini sandwiches all the way to baking fluffy cinnamon rolls, ventless kitchen equipment like the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven and Amana AXP Speed Oven can expand your menu to offerings you didn’t think were achievable.

Many people are led to believe that these pieces of utilitarian ventless equipment, with their small footprints, fast cooking and labor-saving qualities, lacks in producing quality food. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

On our last episode of Chef Adam Live! we created a high-end steak panini and braised short rib flatbread that you would find on a menu being offered for $12 to $15! And we did it from just two pieces of ventless technology. See how Chef Adam did it!


The opportunities a ventless kitchen present are unmatched for the benefits that come along with it. Saving space and money along with bringing flexibility and a wide variety of superior offerings can take your kitchen to a whole new level.

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