3 Ways Alternative Materials Can Take Your Student Dining to the Next Level.


Student dining demand, like the majority of foodservice segments, is in a state of constant evolution. Trends within this young demographic come and go at a rate that makes it tough to keep up. From grab & go dining and mobile ordering to awesome product displays, this fast-paced population approves of anything quick, convenient and appealing. But that’s not always the easiest feat to accomplish when it comes to costs-savings.

However, our friends at G.E.T. Enterprises see it differently. They believe there’s no reason your dining hall shouldn’t be chockfull of cool product showcases, stylish buffet systems or cost-saving dinnerware and to-go products. Embracers of alternative materials (and producers of the top melamine gear) this company is your one stop shop for all of your tabletop and buffet solution needs. And the best part about it? You’ll be seeing your ROI before the next crop of freshman roll in, plus the added bonus of absolutely dominating your social responsibility of achieving sustainability.


Reduce Waste — Take Advantage of Repeat Customers


In a world of unknowns, there is one thing for certain — students have to eat. So why not use this to your advantage when figuring out ways to cut costs by reducing waste? We are currently loving the Eco-Takeouts line from G.E.T. The concept is simple — take, fill, return. Just like recycling’s reduce, reuse, recycle mentality these eco-friendly containers are the perfect solution to capitalize on your repeat customer base by utilizing reusable products.


The bans for single-use to-go containers are spreading like wildfire as a simple method in reducing waste across the foodservice industry. This line of sustainable alternative to-go containers is an easy, inexpensive solution that literally puts your commitment to sustainability in the hands of your students and faculty!

You’ll be swooning over this product line once you hear about how quickly you can achieve your ROI. Not only will you be saving tons of money by eliminating the need to constantly replenish your usual disposable to-go containers, but the flat top design is geared towards portion control — because although it’s important that these growing children eat, we know all too often their eyes can be bigger than their stomachs. Now you’re talking about reducing waste via reusable containers AND eliminating food waste. It’s a win-win!

What's more, G.E.T. can customize your eco-takeout containers with your school logo, so everyone can show their school pride!

Show Off Your Food in Style


Your kitchen staff is putting a lot of work into making your menu items look Instagram-able for your students to share with the world. The last thing you want to happen is let all of their hard work go to waste by displaying it in some boring stainless steel pans on the buffet line. That’s where the Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ System comes in. This fun showcase will bring a little spark to your buffet line. Go with the colorful vessels to put an exciting twist on your serving line or stick with the clean, white look to really make your food pop!

What makes this buffet system even better is its ease-of-use components. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get your fingers underneath the edges of those stainless steel pans when swapping out food or ingredients. Bugambilia® makes it simple with their easy-lift corners on the vessels allowing for swapping out items or reconfiguration in a breeze, while still remaining in close enough quarters of one another to limit air gaps and maintain food safety temperatures.

Better Display, Better Pay

Just like any other operation in foodservice, creating an aesthetically appealing environment is a critical component in attracting customers and creating a memorable experience for those customers. If keeping it stylish is a concern when trying to find catering and serving ware, then have no fear — G.E.T. provides a massive portfolio of extremely durable catering and display items that meet the trendy standards of your college diners. You’ll find the most chic options with amazing functionality that also give you the freedom to mix and match your daily arrangement to keep it fresh!

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And since we already know college students are constantly on-the-go between classes or getting to a study session, focusing on the grab & go station is a must - you have to make sure it’s always looking good and stocked with the best goodies (like these customized reusable solo cups). G.E.T. has put a lot of thought into creating the most eye-catching impulse buy displays to help push those quick, last-minute purchases to keep your students going!

Don’t let your tabletop and buffet service be the things holding your operation back. Take these tips and start designing your perfect dining solutions with G.E.T. today!


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